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  • Mike Calta

    Mike Calta

    Team Leader


    Mike Calta grew up in NY, on the mean streets of Staten Island. His last job before getting into radio was a fork lift driver in Bayonne, NJ. That sucked. So he packed his bags and moved to Florida. He went to St. Leo College where he spent enough time to earn a .7 GPA and became a member of the ...

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    Right Hand Man


    Galvin, the smart ass youngest of four brothers, grew up outside Chicago then moved to Florida at the age of 19. He always had radio in the back of his mind as something he would like to do. When he started bartending at age 21 the cash was too good to give up. Working his way up the nightclub ...

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    Super Agent


    Tony Burton began his career in the prestigious NBC Page Program then went on to produce the 'Today Show' and 'Dateline' where he won an Emmy in 1999 before producing for 'HBO' & 'ESPN'.  He joined Don Buchwald & Associates in 2007. "Hosting is broken down into two main catagories ... I've been ...

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    Intern / Distraction


    I gotta be honest: when Carmin insisted on writing her own bio, I hesitated.  But in the end: She was right.  What follows here is word-for-word, exactly what she turned in and it is absolutely brilliant on many levels. Hi, guys!  I’m Carmin and I’m like soooo much smarter and nicer and ...

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    Associate Producer


    Several decades ago in warm tropical climes not far from here, Italian seed found purchase within fertile Porto Rican loins.  Not long after, a tufted prince sprang forth onto this land, causing a mild disturbance in the force.  The prophecies indicated that the tufted one was to be called ...

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  • J  Di Santo

    J Di Santo

    Executive Director


    JD was born in New York and grew up moving, resulting in attendance at 8 different schools before HS graduation in Florida.  After college, he headed to California to manage a small recording studio in LA.  Continuing his media career as a camera operator shooting 3 live shows ...

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