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Cowhead Show Staff - Intern / Distraction

I gotta be honest: when Carmin insisted on writing her own bio, I hesitated.  But in the end: She was right.  What follows here is word-for-word, exactly what she turned in and it is absolutely brilliant on many levels.

Hi, guys!  I’m Carmin and I’m like soooo much smarter and nicer and sweater than you all give me credit for.  I was born and raised in Clinton Michigan.  no Township but the Village of Clinton.  

I graduated from high school in '09 and from there went to play basketball at Jackson Community College in Michigan then I blew my knee out 5 weeks before the end of the season and then decided college wasn’t for me so i partied my ass off for a year then figured i hated the cold so why do i live in Michigan.  Moved down to Florida in February of 2011 layed on the beach for a few months then I came in for an interview and the Rest Is History.

I love - sleep shopping (by myself) and sunnying

Heros - Havent really meet anyone Kool enough to call a Hero

Best life lesson came from my grandfather who always told me "You Have to Make them say No first"

You can see why we love her so much.

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