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rammerjammer: buh dum tssssss
PFJS: good one ram
PFJS: tells ya your a piece of shit, lol...
rammerjammer: its the yale of italians\
DG: Grab you by the ears and hold you down kind of shit.
PFJS: I'd like to find out
PFJS: lol, dog on the counter
DG: I imagine this girl is about as aggressive as it gets in bed...
PFJS: thanks Joey u da man, dig it
DG: We are so lucky to have this. Joey, you are the man, DIG!
NocturnalEmission: yes
PFJS: love open mics
PFJS: she's so fuckin awesome
ken3: back in a few min,s .
teachsimon: haha... and this crazy as story
DG: No, we're just lost in the hottie! ;)
teachsimon: Did the chat die?
NocturnalEmission: Bye Eric
ken3: Take Care EJM see u next time
NocturnalEmission: lol spotted dick lol
DG: Later E! Be good dude!~
NocturnalEmission: SaWing
EJM: Gotta go... wife is home... and we need to spend time together... (not like that, you perves) ... been great... much CTV love
EJM: The Destroyer looks so mad
PFJS: so hott, can we get a nice tight shot of her Joey please
ken3: agreed Rammer good cleavage
rammerjammer: so fine
EJM: He used to edit his own tracks... now Carmin does it for him? okay. :D
EJM: Is that right, "promos?"
EJM: I really like hearing Mike record these promos
ken3: pic a flick Carmin :P :P just kidding
EJM: Difference between 'pick' and 'scratch' ... hahaha
ken3: Carmin picked her nose :D :D
EJM: There are so many things that she must do during certain calls, so... yes... she is good.
rammerjammer: she sure can answer a phone
EJM: Carmin is really good at her job. Props, Sandra!

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