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Pitbull Toddler

groupMelting Faces!


To melt faces with our music!


Formed… Nay… BORN! out of the popular Cowhead Show in 2008, PITBULL TODDLER has kicked in the door of the Tampa music scene.

It is Pitbull Toddler, and ONLY Pitbull Toddler, who can proudly wear the badge of Creative Loafing Magazine’s “Worst Band Name” and still tear through Tampa putting music into your earholes.

The members, Cowhead (Bass), Galvin (Drums), John Brennan (Guitar/vocals), Pete Larios (Guitar) and Josh Maloney (Vocals), have been performing for nearly a decade in separate projects throughout the area. It was not until Pitbull Toddler however, that the five reached the potential, decibel levels and temperatures high enough to melt your F***ing face!

Whether it is the Ford Amphitheatre, a hole in the wall bar, or your GODDAMN backyard, Pitbull Toddler owns it. Backed by heavyweight sponsors like Budweiser and Dean Guitars, they bring their combination of blues/metal driven originals, Popular covers, and fruity songs hi-jacked and tweaked to kick your head in.

Yes… Pitbull Toddler IS your favorite band, and you are welcome. For Booking Info Email Pete.

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