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Jack: I cleared my cache for this! Nooo
patk: it says im declind
caperspark: Sounds about right, Jack
Guest_5435: I have not seen any vid of the crew for about 20 minutes. It was Carmin's quiz followed by all weed footage.
Guest_5435: And my profile pic disappeared and it's now some little brown and purple digital icon.
danijenks14: whoever you are in the brown and purple we cant see your tyiping =/
Guest_5435: That sucks. Then I guess you can't see this either.
BruceBruce: probably some asshole bubba mark
BruceBruce: :)
patk: lol
danijenks14: well i found out yesterday that if you stay logged in but you are away for a certain amount of time it does that to you too..bc it happened to me
danijenks14: so whoever you are, log out then log back in
patk: wow
alan1498: I logged out and logged back in. Anything now?
patk: no
danijenks14: yes,, was that yoiu all brown and purple?
alan1498: That was me! What the hell happened?
danijenks14: still no replay,
danijenks14: but like i said it happened to meyest i was logged in for a while doing other stuff.. went to the store and came back and i was a lil icon( i thought my boobies got me taken down) but when no one replied to my messagfes.. i loggedout/then in and it worked
danijenks14: but i have to go run to verizon to see about this new galaxy phone lol.. ttyl all.. ♥♥ all youuu
alan1498: For like a half hour all I got was old stuff and weed films. I'm getting show footage again and my profile pic is back.
alan1498: Anyway...NOT an asshole bubba mark. Asshole maybe, but not a bubba mark.
alan1498: :)
patk: lol
patk: nubbathefu*kface lol
patk: looks like the diging is over?
patk: dig on cya monday at 6 am
alan1498: Dig, patk!
MasterControl: Im on it guys...
MasterControl: new server launching now
MasterControl: should be up to speed shortly...
patk: is it fixed?
MasterControl: try it now guys!
MasterControl: It is fixed... checking mobile now
patk: its back
caperspark: All is good again!

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