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bradentontom29: yea just ignore the trolls
spence: ugh Avo
jm3788: i hate Avo
bradentontom29: and speaking of trolls... lol
spence: and BAR ruins it
bradentontom29: yup
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: they are not into this friday chant
spence: ah the camera switching stopped
bradentontom29: def no carmin - she would have them all into the chant
spence: exactly
spence: wow rob is being a dick
bradentontom29: hopefully carmin isnt pulling a kayla
skippy_02: they should all got have lunch w/ his kid -
spence: no she's visiting her family in MI
bradentontom29: yea i know
bradentontom29: today is kaylas last day btw
bradentontom29: on drew
spence: Well I'm gonna get going now I guess I'll see you all on Tuesday
jm3788: she never wants to leave Mike and the show
bradentontom29: yea she does a good job
bradentontom29: wow mike is doing hoppe hour lol
bradentontom29: see yall tuesday have a good labor day
jm3788: take care folks
skippy_02: have a good weekend - peace
Andrea: why do these people bug me when the show is on...they just don't understand Calta time
ken3: i am back for the replay for a while
ken3: got to go peeps see u on Tuesday i hope have a good weekend
Andrea: :) love the Spanish dance
flleenie: BAR keeps just staring at mike... spooky
patk: :) 420
patk: ah i win
patk: dig ya all tuesday
td3: have a great weekend patk!
Krissy lou: NOT DIGGING....CHOW

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