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flleenie: bahahaha
ken3: any one still here ?
danijenks14: anyone here?
airin332: WTF??
airin332: Offline again??
danijenks14: okay so thats not just my copmp that froze then right?
danijenks14: free is up nit ;ux is down... AGAIN
danijenks14: lux* =/
danijenks14: i dont even kno whats playing on free rjight now tho.. its not fiveo of them.. its just random stuff.. im very sad
egone2thegame: They haven't been doing replays on free. They just go onto the next show.
danijenks14: yea i just noticed... is lux back up now tho? i missedeverything but tyhe last 25 mins of the show..
egone2thegame: Seems to be fine.
danijenks14: thanks e =)
egone2thegame: No problem.
danijenks14: i guess thats galvins new look? has he been wearing that shirt all week?
danijenks14: i wish i could watch past shows =/
egone2thegame: It's the first I've seen of it.
danijenks14: oh he wore it a couple weeks ago and we all commented on it bc it was nice to see him wearing something other than his old sweatshirt lol
egone2thegame: Gotcha.
egone2thegame: I also find Carmin's guy voice kinda hot.
danijenks14: hahaha me too .. is that weird?
egone2thegame: Not any weirder than a guy thinking it!
danijenks14: i dont know what act hes talking about =/ i havent seen clerks enough to know.. and it seems like during the breaks it freezes'
danijenks14: nvm i hit pause lmao
egone2thegame: Someone in here said it was a golden shower. Not sure that's really that's what it was. Seems like they'd able say that on air.
danijenks14: yea idk either lol
danijenks14: i forget do they go right to replay or do they do the aftershow first? =/
egone2thegame: I think they replayed aftershow yesterday. I really don't think it's necessary to replay it. I'd put it into a loop of this show for the rest of the day.
danijenks14: yea id rather watch THIS replay than watch the aftershow...]
airin332: Friday Chant!!! YAY!
MasterControl: I put the aftershow in the replay when Spanish and Carmin do it
danijenks14: ohhhhhh okay gotcha =)]
danijenks14: when is my lux sub up?
NocturnalEmission: Happy 420 yall my house party is in full effect!
crom1016: Where is the replay?
Rushingspirit: I was hoping that it would be Mike calta, playing like on the app...full show replay...I sure the heck don't want to hear the cat named Moe show.....DAMMIT man :(

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