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NocturnalEmission: Happy 420 yall
TonyGartman: Anyone on tonight??
TonyGartman: So are we on the replay??
edward: SHANNON BURKE up next OPPS repaly of nilly Madison
edward: OPP S P
edward: haven't talked about #bonnerfest2014 W/@billbelimy HAAA
edward: love the #aftershow
edward: fort got MY TEESHIRT @billbelimy haa
edward: WORDS OF WISDOM FROM CARMIN =when you dress ;ike a hooker you should be treated like a hooker !
edward: ya need to chage the name @mrmikecalta HAA
edward: AFTERBIRTH SHOW haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
edward: 4X THE MAYRRIED ha
edward: WE RECHORD THEM AND PLAY THEM ON THE AIR === guess who farted HAA
edward: when jared farts ??
edward: @SeniorSpanish @thejohnbrennan IVE Thought of a new game WHAT IS CARMIN TRYING TO SAY? - MEGALAWN = MEGELLAN you know the scientist

edward: SPAAAAAIIIINISH and carmin ha
edward: ive figured it ot SBURK talks to much HAAAA HAAAA HAAAAA
edward: rayher haxe thwe COBAIN THAN THE g
edward: g
edward: porn star harry
edward: Venus
edward: mEGA LAWN haaa carmin wtf
edward: mars
edward: Friend
edward: BRADY
edward: Mbls
edward: val
edward: fg
edward: top g
edward: ncb
edward: BEER ?
edward: I lv color

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