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woodmr420: lost audio on the replay
circuit_breaker: spanish will always be the host of my heart
circuit_breaker: he just gave us a glance
Sam_S1: later all
DominicFabiscus: gnite
PeanutButterhole: Stay safe, see you Monday.
PeanutButterhole: Cheers all.
pb22: done
pb22: flow is what this show is. gotta have that flow
NocturnalEmission: Night Yall
arcturusvfx: nite stoney
Stoney: Shannon Burke..WELCOME TO THE BONE...Best of luck my Texas Brother... Nite all.
circuit_breaker: 7-11 ?
DominicFabiscus: 7-10
arcturusvfx: any and or all of those things would be fantastic chris
circuit_breaker: so how long a slot does shannon get?
NocturnalEmission: I only listen to Mike show
Unclebeeer: Fri drunky-drunk jam live from whore island
Stoney: LOVE FEST..Until Monday
PeanutButterhole: I concur
DominicFabiscus: so many ideas i have for original programming for CTV.. Cribs, Cars, Concerts, PBT band practice, etc..
circuit_breaker: that flying reindeer sample tweaks me the fuck out what the shit
Stoney: Porno show?
arcturusvfx: I would listen to that
Unclebeeer: Calta should expand live content on CTV away from the bone.
Sam_S1: Sandra Camin show starts Sunday night at 9pm
PeanutButterhole: Yet I like him.
PeanutButterhole: For the record, I said he as a little "AM"ish feel to him.
pb22: fuck this shit, mike said, never get into this biz. Shannon is am material
PeanutButterhole: You could keep the lights on 24 and let them grow huge. ;)
PeanutButterhole: Well, you set the timer to 12/12 too soon.
Stoney: What ever Sam
arcturusvfx: I found him a bit bland last week.....but i think he will do great.
Sam_S1: so it should take as long as a pot plant to bud for Shannon show's to shine?
Stoney: Fire carmin..

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