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mlaping: I hate when they are mean to Carmin....spanish not so much lol
Teraphon: it'd be weird if they were too nice to him....
ken3: Spanish is pretty smart i have a good feeling he handles all the teasing like the man he is .
danijenks14: lol, but only since rob tho.. like i feel like theyre almost like "meaner" (i know its not a word haha) since rob came its like fight of the little guys , there can only be one
danijenks14: now im not talking be nice to him, but dont be so mean ALL the time lol
danijenks14: lol im too short for "chest high" foam party.. I'd probably drown
ken3: have a great weekend peeps hope to see u all on Tuesday ! :)
egone2thegame: See ya!
danijenks14: bye ken have a good one!
caperspark: L8 Ken
danijenks14: im really diggin this no commercial thing Joey... (if youre still here lol)..
TonyGartman: Had to go out. Who's here?
caperspark: We already had our holiday Monday up here, so now it's your turn.
danijenks14: still a few of us here
caperspark: Still here, Tony. Ken had to leave.
TonyGartman: Cool Cape!
TonyGartman: I'm gonna call Shannon today!
danijenks14: are ya?
TonyGartman: I think. He said he didn't know about the tattoo!
egone2thegame: I'm here until 4.
DominicFabiscus: here
TonyGartman: Is Goose's your joint?
DominicFabiscus: yep
caperspark: BTW, that holiday we have up here is Victoria Day, as opposed to your upcoming Memorial Day.
caperspark: It's a day off, either way you cut it!
TonyGartman: Just wondering Chris
DominicFabiscus: usually very late tho. after 9pm.
TonyGartman: Not a stalker
TonyGartman: As far as you
DominicFabiscus: haha
TonyGartman: Just kidding. Relax. BTW you look great right now.........
TonyGartman: They need a buzzer
egone2thegame: This one is too easy. Everybody seems to know them.
egone2thegame: I never want to know the words to that song. I'd rather sing the Michelle Knight tune.
TonyGartman: My tattoo is the BEST!!
DominicFabiscus: Carmin gave me my tattoo.

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