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scott3350: I don't care who does or does not get paid to make this piece of shit work. I am paying for a service that is supposed to work and right now I miss more of the than I see.
scott3350: *show
10 C: There goes my morning! !!
Tbone: I equate it to Netflix which I pay $7.99/month for. If Netflix went down as much as this does, I wouldn't be a customer of theirs. This is a paid service regardless of who runs it. Content is great, but the delivery of the service is well beyond bad because it's so inconsistent.
bentley6891: i agree with you all scott and tbone
10 C: I agree scott3350, They are trying to get us o listeten to s who suck
10 C: I'm OUT
ken3: iam out hopefully to see u all tomorrow .
pylesstyle: ken3 it was Ginza in land o lakes off collier pkwy. I've eaten there quite a few times but not lately so may just have a few roaches crawling around in me
Tbone: since being on here a couple of years now and seeing this happen, has there been any discussion on WHY it goes down?
scott3350: Looks like the FREE app works just fine. Been paying for this since the roast and I am over it. Fuck this, I am cancelling right now.
bentley6891: lux is back up and i think he rewound it
egone2thegame: This poor lion walked around wounded for 40 hours! I'm not against hunting, but this 2015 for god's sake. People should not be shooting lions and elephants and shit.
flleenie: I agree egone
Jack: Just got back from hospital.... social workers... legal people.... people. God has a weird sense of humor.
egone2thegame: I give up.
Jack: it keeps freezing... oh well, Drew on at 2.. with SBK... on da app
Chatroom Tony: So what do we think about the new show??
Chatroom Tony: It's storming like hell outside!!
egone2thegame: I haven't listened yet. Any good?
Chatroom Tony: I don't know. I was listening in the car.... Very New York
bentley6891: the new show is alright, haven't listened to much though honestly
Chatroom Tony: Is the feed better now?
Chatroom Tony: Those Darts went in so deep!!
egone2thegame: It's been freezing up pretty bad.
Guest_8728: Tony, I've listened to the new show all 3 far, not really that compelling. Very lackluster, hacky type material.
DG: Tony, I've listened to the new show all 3 days so far and to be honest I don't feel very compelled to keep listening. It's just full of hacky, morning zoo, type jokes with no real substance.,
DG: Compared to Shannon, it sucks...
jasonmorse826: DREW on free feed.... sweet!
scleveland23: I do miss Shannon dearly. He was my favorite show along with the BDRS. The new guys are alright. I like the Cosby voice and the Top 10 game they do.
scleveland23: So Drew officially had the best lil' segment I've heard on his show in probably eight months. Way to go.
Stoney: Free
NocturnalEmission: Happy 420 yall
scleveland23: 5:12, bruh
Krissy lou: Its 420 somewhere bruh....
Krissy lou: I love Carmin and Spanish together again, they have a great energy...Spanish doing GREAT driving the bus, even though its the 'short bus"!!!

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