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NocturnalEmission: Happy 420 yall Go Cowboys tonight!
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: yw
NocturnalEmission: ty john
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: galvin also did great the day mike was off for joeys bdaay when they were still 3-7
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: noc you do the happy 420 everyday!
NocturnalEmission: Happy 420 yall Saturday Edition
Krissy lou: I love the replay, I laugh out loud in the privacy of my home...lovin every minute of it!!!
pjb44: good to see rob with humor
Krissy lou: True that Jack! Galvin is a natural! I do love the combo platter of the whole cast!
Jack: I think Galvin did an awesome job hosting for when he did. The chemistry was alive. I liked it.
NocturnalEmission: Happy 420 yall
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: that sux dre
Andrea: my internet is jacked up and the vid keeps going down :(
Andrea: GAH
Andrea: GHA
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: IS THAT AVO BACKGROUND MUSIC LOL
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: lol
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: all day
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: im here in and out
ken3: later have a great weekend , hope to see u all on Monday .
ken3: any one still here ?
ken3: later PJB
pjb44: ok im out, later
Calistoe: Hello all
ken3: Hi Calistoe
airin332: such a beautiful shirt
Calistoe: I do love his concern for the shirt.
airin332: am i ever right jack!?! am i ever right!?!
airin332: knocked down mom's fire thing
airin332: this video is hilarious!
SmoothCriminal: Dammit Jack you ruined your beautiful SHIRT!!!
DG: Speaking of wierd looking...Brick. Yikes.
DG: He is the counselor on "The Middle"
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: dave foleys daughter plays ellie on the league....hilarious
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: lol
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: was this in tampa

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