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jgman: later
SuperViewer: see you all later!
SuperViewer: well folks, I'm heading to car mode
SuperViewer: lol, at least you narrowed it down to Channelside
jgman: thanks obama
NocturnalEmission: lol jg
jgman: great... now I don't know where to go to stalk this guy
NocturnalEmission: That why we know you got this :)
NocturnalEmission: :D good 1 MC Smart
SuperViewer: well, no way he's getting an endorsement from them
NocturnalEmission: Again open mic's rule :D
SuperViewer: also, he needs to be my wingman...
SuperViewer: pics when you get it!
claym: Not fat, or a mom. But still need.
claym: Yes. I need a jersey
SuperViewer: he does seem like a cool dude, especially since he left NE
jgman: @Joey what about introducing some graphics when guest come in so I can remember this guy's name
NocturnalEmission: Kool Mary
mmartin: already got mine
SuperViewer: something tells me season tickets just went through the roof lol
NocturnalEmission: I mean he did play for NE lol
NocturnalEmission: He seems kool plus if he played on the Patriots he was coached well
mmartin: ill be at all the home games...
claym: haha
mmartin: oh HELL YEAH
claym: wow
SuperViewer: Dane Fletcher, new Buccaneer
mmartin: NICE
mmartin: REALLY....
claym: WHO is that?!
SmoothCriminal: Says se has no twitter
FIVE2EYESBLUE: Of course :P Later everyone - BYE
SuperViewer: see you later, Lisa!
SmoothCriminal: yes, it was ajoke
FIVE2EYESBLUE: Didn't you JUST get married SC?

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