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retmsgt: ok everyone until 0600 tomorrow see everyone be safe salute!
Jack: beans and coffee ffs
weath1860: see yall tomorrow
spence: That was a good end to the show. see yall tomorrow
Jack: Should I rewatch the first 3 hours or watch Falling Down?
NocturnalEmission: \m/ \m/
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: do either can always watch the first three hours sometime today or you could watch falling down later
patk: i missed the 1st 30 mins
NocturnalEmission: I got in about 603 this morning
patk: here we go in to the holes or its time to dig
patk: ohhhhh
patk: im out im diging on the bone app cya at 6 am
Andrea: stupid keeps cutting in and out for me....
Andrea: anyone else having problems
Andrea: ?
WoodyMPW: It's down
Ptong1988: log out and log back in
flleenie: my stream is working but im on premium
flleenie: oop just went offline! JOEY!!!
flleenie: ok its back...
MasterControl: i was adjusting the stream
SEAL: Don't cross the streams, Joe
caperspark: DIG IT!
Andrea: seems good now
caperspark: And BTW. it's fucking SNOWING up here again!
caperspark: Hellooooooooooooooo............................
Andrea: where are you caper
Andrea: we are getting possible snow on Thursday
caperspark: Eastern Canada. Nova Scotia, to be exact.
Andrea: oh wow, it gets cold up there huh
Andrea: so, i'm in Colorado. it's 81* today, 68* tomorrow, 49* Thursday with snow/rain
Andrea: gotta love it
caperspark: And, it looks like we're gonna get more in the next week.
Squid: wow, people from all over here hey? Western Canada here, middle of BC. We're floating right around freezing, but so far spring has been about a month early, snow's almost all gone already. :)
NocturnalEmission: Happy 420 yall
TonyGartman: See... Fake.. She would have known how many DUIs her kid had. They would have told her at the jail

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Monday through Friday at 6am, watch the live 4-hour television production, followed by instant replays of the most current Mike Calta Show, The Mike Calta After Show featuring Spanish & Carmin and Best-of Mike Calta Show television, broadcasting 24hrs until next live production.  Live streaming video is an expanding & viable television platform and CowheadTV provides the most content inclusive site available for the Mike Calta Show.  Promote your business or products on the Mike Calta Television Network.  Follow twitter updates @1025TheBone @CowheadShow @CowheadMedia @MrMikeCalta @AngryGalvin @SeniorSpanish @TheBone_Carmin @TheJohnBrennan. Radio for your eyeballs!

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