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ninjaturtlehandsjohn: sup
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: out for a while shall return
ken3: see u tomorrow
NocturnalEmission: Happy 420 yall
Jack: It
Jack: has been so long
Jack: So glad to be back
Jack: Thanks Joe
Jack: I remember when slater use to say "I'm straight as a gate and out like a trout" or something like that
MasterControl: welcome back jack
Jack: zyjrtr
Jack: There
Jack: s been some problems lately
Jack: but I got it all under control
Jack: and even ordered a lady friend flowers :D
Jack: I noticed you put the 3rd Bubba call on the youtube page, then pulled it - may I ask why Joe?
MasterControl: sure. Cox asked me to take it down. a reason was not given.
Jack: I think it was Calta going into the advertising ratings not arbitron but the other group
Jack: THe... it had two names
Jack: About how he's 18th in the advertising sheets and they are still #1 blah blah, I forget name of the company
Jack: gaining some weight Spanish
Jack: 60 seconds til blast off
NocturnalEmission: Hi All :)
Jack: yo you
NocturnalEmission: Hey Jack
Nik_A_Chick: Morning All
Jack: Hello gorgeous
NocturnalEmission: Hey Nik
NocturnalEmission: ty Jack I am Gorgeous
Jack: :/
retmsgt: Good morning everyone im back
NocturnalEmission: hey nick
caperspark: HEY NOW!
NocturnalEmission: hey caper
caperspark: Yo Noc, Jack, Nick, Nik
retmsgt: Noc, Cap

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Monday through Friday at 6am, watch the live 4-hour television production, followed by instant replays of the most current Mike Calta Show, The Mike Calta After Show featuring Spanish & Carmin and Best-of Mike Calta Show television, broadcasting 24hrs until next live production.  Live streaming video is an expanding & viable television platform and CowheadTV provides the most content inclusive site available for the Mike Calta Show.  Promote your business or products on the Mike Calta Television Network.  Follow twitter updates @1025TheBone @CowheadShow @CowheadMedia @MrMikeCalta @AngryGalvin @SeniorSpanish @TheBone_Carmin @TheJohnBrennan. Radio for your eyeballs!

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