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patk: man she is crazy
bradentontom29: yea she is
patk: lol
bradentontom29: ouch
ken3: Crazy Patty here name fits .
NocturnalEmission: ty SATB have a good day yall I'm going to late to my funeral because I will be at a concert!
patk: well thats it for live diging
bradentontom29: see yall tomorrow
patk: cya at 2 FOR DGL
SuperAgent: have a great day room
ken3: thanks Tony B for stopping by and of Bone TV input .
flleenie: what concert noc?
ken3: later Noc , Tom
Guest_9781: Have a great day today!
NocturnalEmission: :P
NocturnalEmission: Whatever is available in like 40 years from now
flleenie: haha
flleenie: yellow space invader - we cant see what you are typing
ken3: they shut down ?
ken3: frozen
ken3: reloaded worked
flleenie: i just keep hitting play at the botoom of the screen and it comes back
flleenie: oop bottom
ken3: ok thanks Eileen
scott3350: This really sux. I just changed to a 6 month subscription a few weeks ago and without the replay this is completely useless to me. Now it says bone tv will be free in january. Way to go bone. can't leave shit alone, gotta fuck the fans. The commercial free replay is exactly what I was paying for.
10 C: I fell u scott3350
flleenie: i agree - this has been going down for about a month now
ken3: Yo Scott & 10c
10 C: No one will give any info about what's going on or when premium will be back
flleenie: i dont think joey should process new subscriptions or any payments for current subscriptions to be honest
flleenie: lux isnt coming back - chtv will be gone as of january 2016
10 C: yes we r paying 4 it
flleenie: i know. i contacted my cc company to cancel future payments to COWHEAD MEDIA GROUP
10 C: they r just dragging us on until the new bone tv starts
10 C: I tweeted Mike C yesterday but no answer
ken3: later peeps i, hope to see u all tomorrow .

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