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flleenie: yes they are I hpe they have a good time, but im thinking a lot of rough seas...
patk: ikr
flleenie: I had a nice day floating on my raft in the pool :D
patk: god speed
flleenie: its gorgeous out right now
flleenie: i get horrible motion sickness, so I'm glad I'm not on that ship
patk: mike did a scope on the ship
NocturnalEmission: yeah kool
flleenie: yeah I saw his room and Pete was playing the piano
flleenie: it was a suite
NocturnalEmission: So it was SAweet?
patk: cool
NocturnalEmission: Galvin impressions are getting better n better lol
NocturnalEmission: So can Moe wash his hair?
NocturnalEmission: My Parents paid for most of my wedding
patk: well any nubba news?
patk: ill be here monday to see cc9 come back
patk: so nothing yet
NocturnalEmission: nope
patk: loved mikes scope
patk: well im going to ship out dig ya later :)
NocturnalEmission: I'm Generation 420
Chatroom Tony: Ya didn't hear me in Moe/Drew?
Chatroom Tony: Awww. Come on!!! HUGE shout out to the CRF!!
patk: oh ill get the replay on the app
Chatroom Tony: I did Give Dick a Rest!!
Krissy lou: who or what is CRF Tony? on a side note Tony, I dig all of your interactions of all the shows, also how you represent the chatroom... you're a funny guy!!!
Chatroom Tony: Ahhhh. We are the Chat Room Family = CRF
Chatroom Tony: Thanks Krissy
Krissy lou: I'm not n the chat room much...but I hope I'm part of the CRF! Keep representing dude!
Chatroom Tony: Oh yeah!!!! If you pay to watch = Family!!
Krissy lou: True that... all y'all have a great weekend!
patk: crt replay on free soon
patk: oops i ment the app
patk: nice shout crt

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