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arcturusvfx: PEACE OUT!!!
arcturusvfx: ZING!
cmfdavis: #TumbleWeave
ken3: well got to go peeps see u all tomorrow
Sam_S1: really no one
Sam_S1: seems like everytime I go away from the page I lose the feed, then there is a blue arrow, I click it and it comes right back up
ken3: Later Noc
arcturusvfx: got disconnected for me too sam
PeanutButterhole: Here's the link for if you want to watch a raw feed with a Journalist in the thick of the rioting, heats up around sunset - goes crazy at midnight:
NocturnalEmission: mine is ok Sam
NocturnalEmission: see yall later ty Joey party on
Sam_S1: anyone? anyone?
Sam_S1: so am I the only one who has to press a blue arrow every 15 minutes or so
cmfdavis: That's not a question that one asks
arcturusvfx: what does one bring to a house party? is herpes acceptable?
cmfdavis: House parties are great!
NocturnalEmission: a Kid n Play house party?
ken3: "nothing like a house party" J Giles ;)
cadzan: weakling
cadzan: a wekling
arcturusvfx: he posts the funniest pics
Sam_S1: this guy is an idiot
cmfdavis: It was all Phil Reed, he is the genius
arcturusvfx: hey sam
NocturnalEmission: Yo Sam
arcturusvfx: it was hilarious cmf
DominicFabiscus: sammy!
Sam_S1: hey guys
NocturnalEmission: bubba has hulk on film
cmfdavis: True, same here, and he did apologize once he realized he took it the exact opposite way it was meant
shakemoney78: i wish bubba would call . id think he has the stones
cmfdavis: Between that whole deal and Galvin my Twitter has been on FIRE today! LOL
DominicFabiscus: me either, but i will always defend my friends
cadzan: 'member a call awhile back, when a Mike Calta fan, called & said he listens to the whole radio show, including Bubba; & Mike hung up on him
cmfdavis: I didn't get it but I couldn't figure out why he took offence to what I said
DominicFabiscus: np, man

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Monday through Friday at 3pm, watch the live 4-hour television production, followed by instant replays of the most current Mike Calta Show, The Mike Calta After Show featuring Spanish & Carmin and Best-of Mike Calta Show television, broadcasting 24hrs until next live production.  Live streaming video is an expanding & viable television platform and CowheadTV provides the most content inclusive site available for the Mike Calta Show.  Promote your business or products on the Mike Calta Television Network.  Follow twitter updates @CowheadShow, @CowheadMedia, @MrMikeCalta, @AngryGalvin, @SeniorSpanish, @TheBone_Carmin, @TheJohnBrennan. Radio for your eyeballs!

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