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Andrea: Tif...NO, i'm aerdnaztork@aerdnaztork
arcturusvfx: hahaha
DominicFabiscus: cleveland brown
SuperViewer: mmhmm...I was locked in Twitter on Sunday when things got awesome
Sam_S1: slash's hat
claym: SV - I didn't know that. I'm rarely on twitter
PeanutButterhole: Cat Named
arcturusvfx: mo?
Scooter95: hotline
DominicFabiscus: mo
DominicFabiscus: hotline
PeanutButterhole: Jared sounds like he needs a shot of T
claym: Yeah he has the WORST radio voice
Tifblue2u: his voice kills
Sam_S1: yeah I hope for a quick recovery Chris
CrazianInAction: Death angel of radio lol
PeanutButterhole: Carpe Diem!
Tifblue2u: Andrea are you the run girl on twitter that I talked with last weekend?
Sam_S1: the show time may have changed but my schedule is the same so 2-6 is where I will be most likely
arcturusvfx: later hmf
SuperViewer: Clay, there's a Twitter push to get him back on
DominicFabiscus: thx.. geting used to it
SuperViewer: later, Handsome!
HandsomeMcFancy: have a great day everyone, make life your bitch!!!
arcturusvfx: speedy recovery chris.
RealN7: Sorry to hear that man. Hope it goes well for you.
Cjb0005: have a good day Noc
claym: Spice show
claym: I miss that show
NocturnalEmission: hi Andrea
Cjb0005: that's what Sam said
Cjb0005: 2-6 I think
NocturnalEmission: Well Good day to yall I will be here tomorrow thank you Joey
Andrea: i guess i'll listen to the re-play sometime today
Andrea: yeah, it's only 7:54 here
DominicFabiscus: yeah still going on

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