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ninjaturtlehandsjohn: yeah they congregate out side of wal mart and harass people
Jack: He won't be brought up on charges...
Jack: in Feruguson - and the "grand jury" just started or something.
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: wow
Jack: I remember watching a Live Feed, via VICE on YouTube - and the reporter got pepper sprayed, tear gased, etc. Citizen Journalism kinda.
Jack: Yeah, VICE NEWS - (my news source) - they do awesome reporting, and yeah - they're still... protesting, every day.
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: yeah i could see them doing that as well
Jack: I'm not gonna lie, I'm #LOD all day, that guy threw me a bone, I mean... and he cracks me up, because he slowly shares his life underneath the basis of his show, and just like the whopper challenge, I wouldn't be suprised if they dropped "In your Face" sometime in the future.
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: i read an article today that the people pissed off about the mike brown shooting are still rioting on a daily basis
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: yeah im not a huge fan of the bms either
pjb44: huge window between 12-3
Jack: I'm slowly learning about the war between Orlando and Tampa.
Jack: or BMS, to be honest since I got hurt doing work, It's almost now it's CTV or look forward to 3pm.
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: there is a huge difference in tampa and orlando radio
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: he's so orlando
Jack: You know, I'm having a hard time getting into Shannon Burke's show
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: i am sure at least jb was very integral in the hire
Jack: Rob, his name is Rob - and from what my MEMORY serves me, he was living in Clevland? Doing something there producing a show - I don't know - but he has radio experience. New to FL. Bold radio move, I'm curious if it was JB's final decision, like his rubber stamp or if it was higher up.
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: this lineup is so good
pjb44: good flow
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: mike and galvin definitely talk the most and the others react to them
Jack: and that mischievous grin he always has lol - Yeah, new producer has big shoes to fill. Yet it seems everything is working perfectly.
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: galvin did great athe day mike was out
pjb44: yeah right, new dude shaved his head? or is he doing chemo?
Jack: Galvin is witty as hell, cracks me up
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: lol
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: avo is hi;arious
Jack: Well, that's why they say they have a face for radio - But, trust me - just like Mike's balding, Carmin's teeth, John's hair - it's something that just becomes. Besides, I'd like to see Kayla more :)
pjb44: got it, this will piss him off. but he needs to take a bite out of that mole(s) love you Drew
Jack: Don't Fuck Other People - his dancing kills it.
Jack: Oh, the song of the guy.... Here's that Youtube, funny as heck
ninjaturtlehandsjohn: the song was sooner or later pyt....cant find the video
Jack: just posted link
pjb44: where?

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