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MasterControl: ... also... Follow us there! Dig!
MasterControl: in the meantime... check out the best clips of the week on the CTV YouTube page.
MasterControl: Hey guys... we lost power earlier. Stream is offline at the moment but we will be back ASAP... Check back after 10pm.
NocturnalEmission: Happy 420 yall
MasterControl: Rob & Sarah interview is now on YouTube here:
TonyGartman: Good man!!
MasterControl: I am always at work... Ha!
TonyGartman: Are you at work?
Krissy lou: Does anybody recall why this tragedy happened in the first place??? Sarah took "their" children's life into her hands when she chose to cross a heavy traffic road at dark thirty without using a crosswalk!!! Really people??? YIKES!!!
216 Kim: I am not butthurt, lol. Rob is not the pride of Cleveland but a lot of listeners have been hearing him for the past five years and the train wreak that is his life. Rover's show is great because of Rover, go check it out yourself.
airin332: And to Chris05 - I guess you never really heard all of what Rob had to say about the baby - he told MC that even if they did a paternity test & the baby was not biologically his, he would still raise her like she was his own because she is his son's sister
airin332: Wow - you Cleveland people sure are still butt-hurt that Rob left Rover; I guess Rob really was the Rover show, NOT Rover!
Chris05: And don't get me wrong I like Rob and all of his gayness he brought to Rover's show and how he fucked with JLR... And I feel really bad about what happened, I also donated, but I stated facts that they DO lie and I'd like to know that my money is going to its intended purpose. Which is to Sarah, Ben and that babygirl god rest her soul..
Chris05: The interview should be coming up in like an hour or so cause they play every commercial break over there stream
Chris05: Yeah I haven't even heard it yet, but can already tell that it will be a load of bullshit coming out of Rob and Sarah's mouths. Maybe Rob got some sex from her this week and that changed his tune?.?
216 Kim: ha ha Chris05 I am a Cleveland listener trying to hear this interview too. Anyone who wants to get an idea of who Rob is could go to and look in the video archives also posted is Sarah calling in this week. Hearing this show makes me love Rover even more.
Chris05: Also how is Rover a scumbag for haveing Sarah on when Mike has her in studio three days later???
Chris05: Rob and Sarah are known liers. I've been listening to Rover since Rob started on the show five years ago. That scumbag swore on his sons life that the baby wasn't his... UNTIL the accident and now he has 60k. Strange Coincidence !!
ken3: sorry pjb
ken3: later pbj have a good one
pjb44: ok im out, later, weekend cheers folks
TonyGartman: They are gonna hate her there.
TonyGartman: We love ya brother!
ken3: dig Joey what pjb sd , ;)
pjb44: your efforts are appreciated joey
DominicFabiscus: all good here. have a good weekend, joe
MasterControl: I appreciate it guys... sometimes it feels like a thankless job...
MasterControl: I just talked with engineering... they are aware of the issue...
DominicFabiscus: dig
TonyGartman: Thanks Joey! Your doing a great job!!
ken3: dig Joey thanks
MasterControl: I will be monitoring all day
MasterControl: It probably wasn't us this morning... it was most likely this issue that is still being resolved...
MasterControl: sorry guys... its not us... connection speed keeps dumping down then climbing
TonyGartman: Here we go.
Calistoe: and it's back

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